Community Fight Back Against High Street Absentee Landlords To Continue!

Sadly we were unsuccessful in acquiring 113-119 High Street at an auction in London on 5th February. The bidding escalated  quickly and was in excess of £100,000 in less than 3 minutes. An unknown phone bidder is the new owner of these buildings. Clearly this is really disappointing but does not tarnish the tremendous efforts of the people of Dumfries and wider in the last 2 weeks.The fantastic response to their Crowdfunding campaign and the positive support from the town and further afield has taken everyone by surprise.

It really has been unbelievable – we’ve raised over £23,000 in small donations in less than 2 weeks, from members of the public in Dumfries and beyond. It’s hugely disappointing that we lost out, but this was always going to be a long haul and we can’t expect to win every game. The essential facts haven’t changed – we need to re-imagine our town centre as a place with a mixed offer of housing, enterprise space, services and leisure. We really feel like this tide is starting to turn and Dumfries is at the leading edge of this change.

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