Scottish Land Fund Support for Midsteeple Quarter

We’ve recently received some great news at the Midsteeple Quarter Project from the Scottish Land Fund (SLF) and are delighted to share the news with you!

SLF is the national funding pot that supports communities to buy assets like land and buildings that are underused in their area. For example, the recent community buy out of the island of Ulva. Read about it in The Oban Times here:

SLF works with a two-stage process; the first phase is to commission a feasibility study into the long-term sustainability of the community’s idea for using the asset. Subject to a viable feasibility plan, groups can make a Stage 2 application to SLF for 95% of the purchase price of the asset (based on market valuation).

We are delighted to say that we been granted Stage 1 funding to explore the feasibility of the project taking over the next two buildings on the High Street in the Midsteeple Quarter. This is a very exciting next stage in the project, and we would like to thank all our members and the community of Dumfries for their continued support, as the project would not be possible without you!

Midsteeple Town Quarter