JOIN NOW by applying to become a member of the Midsteeple Quarter!

Midsteeple Quarter is a means by which local people can once more create a town centre that brings opportunity and prosperity for everyone in our community. It is a Community Benefit Society that everyone can join – it is like an old fashioned ‘building society’ – something that we all own and have an equal say in directing.

Join the Midsteeple Quarter Benefit Society and:

  • Be part of shaping the plan for a town built by local people for local people – spread the word, support the businesses, make your voice heard.
  • Volunteer your time to be part of a community army making practical improvements in the town and putting pressure on building owners and the government to ‘Do Right by Dumfries’.
  • Buy Shares in the project and help put local money to work to build the town that we all want to live in.

You can sign up to become a Member of the Midsteeple Quarter Community Benefit Society here.