Midsteeple Quarter Housing Survey


Want to have your say on what makes Dumfries town centre attractive? Have you got an opinion on bringing homes back into use in Dumfries town centre? Want a house on the High Street?

Now is the chance for Doonhamers to have their say!!

Midsteeple Quarter have created a survey to find out more about what the community of Dumfries would like to see in the town centre, and whether they believe there is a need for housing on our High Street. In January last year, we conducted an online survey which asked for views on the future of Dumfries town centre, which over 800 people completed. The survey found that people felt that a populated town centre was important for a vibrant town centre. There was also strong support for a mix of accommodation from affordable tenancies to student accommodation and private flats available above in the upper floors above the shops.

The Midsteeple Quarter Project proposes to encourage more people to live back in the town centre, so they have been working with DGSCHT to create a survey which isĀ focused on the use of housing on the High Street. We want to know what type of housing Doonhamers want to see in the Midsteeple Quarter; want to have a home on the High Street for you and your family? Think the town centre would benefit from Student Accommodation? Is there a need for Sheltered House on our High Street? Let us know!

You can click the link below to fill out the survey and help us to better understand what will benefit the community of Dumfries!


To fill out the survey, please click the link below!