Meet the Board: Michael Moore

Next up on our ‘Meet the Board’ series is one of our newest members, Michael Moore. Michael is part of the Curatorial Team for Blueprint100 and develops creative opportunities and arts projects. He also volunteers to manage the MOOL Depo in Dumfries once a week. Read more about Michael and his time in Dumfries below.

How long have you lived in Dumfries?
I’ve spent my 24 years living only in Dumfries

What was your first job?
When I was 15 I was briefly an assistant in a pet shop.

What is your first memory of Dumfries High Street?
Getting lost as a small child near the Midsteeple before finding my family again.

What has been your favourite event that you have been to in Dumfries?
Guid Nychburris (2014). I worked on Charter 14 with the Stove Network and it was the first project I worked on with the Stove.

What do you think Dumfries is missing?
Allowance for the community to be have greater freedom to fix Dumfries for themselves with a voice to communciate actions to the local council.