Meet the Board: John Dowson

First up in our ‘Meet the Board’ series is High Street resident, John Dowson. John is retired at 70 years old. He was an antique and fine art dealer for 40 years, as well as a town centre councillor for 11 years. From 1995-99, he was the Leader of the Council and in 2000 was appointed Dumfries Town Centre Manager for two years.

How long have you lived in Dumfries?
I have lived on the High Street for 40 years above the Vodafone shop.

What was your first job?
Most of my jobs have been working for housing associations in London, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Dumfries, and for some other charities specialising in disability issues.

What has been your favourite event that you have been to in Dumfries?
Good Neighbours has to be the favourite event for me – got a good view of it and nice to see the whole town turn out.

What do you think Dumfries is missing?
Dumfries is missing people living in the heart of the town centre and that is the major challenge for our Midsteeple Quarter Project – to buy back our town and get people living here again.