Meet the Board: Evie Copland

Evie Copland is a fiercely proud Doonhamer and very excited about what the Midsteeple Quarter project means for the future of Dumfries. She is 27 and works in social housing for DGHP based in Dumfries, working on a digital transformation programme. Evie graduated from uni with a journalism degree in 2011 and was lucky to get started with DGHP soon after. She loves living in Dumfries and is passionate about helping other people find a safe place to call home here too. Read more about Evie and her love of her home town below!

How long have you lived in Dumfries?
All my days! I officially became a town centre resident about two years ago.

What was your first job?
My first official job was short lived, but holds a very dear place in my heart. As a kid, I wrote to the lovely Ann Halliday who had a Dumfries institution called Opus. Ann wrote back to me very kindly to tell me I was too young to join the team, but invited me for juice and cake the next time I was in. The following summer, she invited me to work with them for a few days. Soon after, I started at Mabie Farm Park in their tearoom. That job supported me all through school and seen me through university.

What is your first memory of Dumfries High Street?
I remember my mum letting me carry a bag containing a new coat. We stopped on the High Street to blether to someone or enjoy the sunshine. I’d forgotten the coat by the time we were home. It’s still floating around the streets today somewhere I imagine.

What has been your favourite event that you have been to in Dumfries?
I loved when we had the Scottish Soul Weekender in Dumfries. It was a good few years ago, but brought some insane talent to the town and lots of tourists who could appreciate all the wonderful things and places Dumfries has to offer.

What do you think Dumfries is missing?
I think Dumfries is having a bit of an identity crisis. Who are we and who do we want to be now and in the future? We’ve got some amazing projects in operation and fantastic businesses throughout the town, we need something to join the dots between all the good stuff. That might be in the form of a town centre masterplan type thing, or a very much organic people powered solution to decide what’s next, but MSQ will play a starring role in whatever that future ends up being.