Meet the Artist: Emily Tough

Artist Emily Tough has been illustrating a few of our Midsteeple Quarter events for us recently, including the Community Benefit Launch in April and the first High Street Clean Up which took place in May. You can read more about Emily and her work below!

“I graduated last year from Birmingham City University with a degree in Visual Communication. I have since moved up to the gorgeous Dumfries area to live with my gardener boyfriend. It is a beautiful place, and Scotland has this mad ability to look good even in the rain.

I work in various ways and am involved in several
projects, I have mixed media approach to making art work and love to create things in 3D.

I feel very lucky to be involved in the Midsteeple Project! I whole-heartedly believe in what they are doing, and it feels great to be part of team which generates so much energy for the better good! I am fortunate to be their resident illustrator! My job is to record and capture this energy as they revive Dumfries bit by bit.”