DOON TOON ARMY Takes It To The Street!

The DOON TOON ARMY headed out onto the High Street for the first time on Sunday to clean, scrub, paint and change areas of the town centre. The event marked the beginning for the army to tackle key areas around the High Street, as well as an opportunity to meet new people and share skills and ideas to help reshape the face of Dumfries town centre.

We had a hugely successful afternoon on Sunday with the first ‘Doon Toon Army’ street clean – the High Street has never looked so good! We would like to say a big thank you and well done to everyone who came along on the day – change is happening, and you are all making it happen with your own fair hands

After the successful Community Benefit Society Launch last month, we invited new members and the community of Dumfries to come along to take part in the street clean and join the ‘Doon Toon Army’ – the community movement to support Midsteeple Quarter and bring about change by making practical improvements in the town centre. Over thirty members of the public came along on Sunday to take part in the High Street clean up, including MSP Colin Smyth, Councillor Ronnie Nicholson, members of community organisations and children of all ages.

The street cleans will now be a regular occurrence, and our next step is to repaint and fix the side closes on the High Street and add signs and murals. The Doon Toon Army will also be available to help with outreaching community projects around Dumfries, so any organisations looking for help are encouraged to get in touch with us! To find all information on the latest events, please visit the Midsteeple Quarter Facebook page:

You can keep up to date with the latest news and events on the website, where you can also sign up to the Midsteeple Quarter Society – membership is free and, as a member, you’ll have a say in owning and directing this very special project for the future of the town. By joining the Midsteeple Quarter Community Benefit Society, you will be entitled to buy Shares in the project and help put local money to work to build the town that we all want to live in.

Doonhamers can be part of shaping the plan for a town built by the community for the community – spread the word, support local business and make your voice heard!

You can view the full gallery of images here – taken by Galina Walls.