A Visit from the Paisley Community Trust

The Midsteeple Quarter Project was very lucky to have another exciting visit last week – this time from the Paisley Community Trust. The visit was organised through Community Ownership Support Scotland and was set up to help the Paisley Community Trust connect with the Midsteeple Quarter Project and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of the community in the regeneration of their town and surrounding areas.

The Paisley Team were interested in finding out about the way in which Midsteeple Quarter had built community support for their high street plans and how local people have been involved in shaping those plans. They wanted to use these ideas to take back and help to further develop their own community-led regeneration project for Paisley town centre called ‘The Baker Street Development Project’.

The Paisley Team were in Dumfries for 5 hours and they discussed in detail their progress with the Baker Street Development Project. They were impressed and inspired by the work of the Midsteeple Quarter Team has carried out so far. The meetings were held in the Bakers Oven building and led by Matt Baker from Midsteeple Quarter Project.

Matt Baker from the Stove Network commented, “It’s exciting times in Scotland right now with a shift in power towards grass roots activity and communities shaping their own future rather than waiting for Councils and the Government to do it for them. The Midsteeple Quarter Team were delighted to meet our colleagues from Paisley and find so much common ground both in the challenges our towns are facing and the innovative way we are both approaching them. The skills on the Paisley Team were complimentary to those in Dumfries and we’re very excited about the opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience into the future.”

At the end of the session both teams agreed that there was much to be gained from a continued partnership between community led activity in Paisley and in Dumfries. The Teams shook hands on the idea of a memorandum of understanding existing between Midsteeple Quarter and the Paisley Community Trust.

To read more about the Paisley Community Trust and their Baker Street Development Project, click here.