Doon Toon Army Guid Nychburris Float

Hello fellow DOON TOON ARMY members!
Would you be interested in taking part in a float during the ‘Guid Nychburris’ parade to promote the Midsteeple Quarter Project alongside other groups in the community?
A float which celebrates community participation and allows the people of Dumfries to see what they too can be involved in?
You could either be on board the float with placards/banners etc. or walk alongside as part of the parade.
We think it would great for all involved to get on board and help with the prep for the float i.e. banners, cut outs, signs, lettering, etc. You could also ‘pimp up’ your Hi-Viz vest or sew, paint change a pair of overalls to wear on the day?
Spray tools, shovels and brushes gold and glitter. Or come up with your own fun idea for the day?
Days, dates and venue of placard/banner making TBC.
If interested, please send an email to (ASAP).
We look forward to hearing from you!